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The Geostrat Worldview Intelligence Brief and Alerts

  • 96 issues of The Geostrat ‘Worldview Intelligence Report’ will be delivered directly to your chosen email account. These reports will generally be delivered on a Monday and a Thursday at the start of the business day (EST). There will be obvious breaks around the US holidays, although the service is primarily news driven.
  • The Geostrat ‘Alerts‘. These special reports are single page alerts in case of an urgent development we feel needs to be disseminated quickly.
  • Access to The Geostrat ‘Archive’. Each ‘World Intelligence Report’ and ‘Alert’ will be archived on our website, of which you will have full access to use as a resource and reference tool.
The Geostrat Partner Access Program

The issues we address often need to be analyzed on a deeper level. Given the vast amount of repetitive, bland research on the market anyone truly looking to understand global risk, and gain a commercial advantage from that, needs to seek a fresh angle. The Partner Access Program is designed so clients get that new angle. We work closely to custom build a program to meet your specific requirements, but a typical package might include:
  • Worldview and Worldview Alerts.
  • Custom intelligence briefs. Geographic/sector/industry/event.
  • A focus on direct interaction - conference calls, emails, brainstorm sessions and speaking engagements. These can be on a fixed schedule or event driven.
  • Priority access to information.
To become a client – email us on or call on 1.646.389.2055

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We have created a list of FAQ’s of basic information about the services offered, click here to view.
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