‘Free trade is finished in the blink of an eye. We will now experience a new business climate that will see nations managing trade to a greater extent than we have seen in the last 60 years. Nations, we remind you, have interests, not friends. They can, and will, deploy their business assets to achieve their goals. One must therefore, become far more alert and knowledgeable about important global events and politics to succeed in investing, and planning for the future’. - Geostrat Worldview 11-5-10
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The Geostrat is a small and fast moving, completely independent organization, providing information and analysis on the global regions or issues that we deem to be of critical importance to the business world. We constantly monitor, and analyze, international and local news services as well as our own global network of proprietary sources.

Our core premise is that the influence of government in business has reached unprecedented levels and consequently, to make informed commercial decisions, we must understand these complex interactions. The exponentially expanding influence of the BRICS countries on global commerce is testament to the scale of the issue. To understand global risk you must understand the geo-political/economic factors that drive it – that is our unique focus, and a fresh approach.

In the internet age vast amounts of information are readily available to all, in essence we have an information ‘dead heat’. The Geostrat seeks to surpass this situation, via its own network of sources, providing unique insights and information. It would be naive to suggest that any information remains ‘unique’ to a source for more than a few hours. We do not focus on ‘scooping’ the mainstream media on events, though we frequently do, instead we focus on beating them to the implication. Events are history - implications are where you will find an edge in making commercial decisions.

The analysis provided by The Geostrat is wide ranging - after all, valuable insights do not occur on schedule. Our independence gives us free reign to focus where we feel an important development is occurring. Our process is to then distill these issues into ‘themes’, which we follow to see if a secular trend is developing over time. Being ahead of the development of secular trends is the key to successful investing and risk mitigation.

The Geostrat is widely read in world of commodity, currency and equity investment. It is equally valuable to businesses looking to partner, source, sell or locate internationally. Those already utilizing The Geostrat in government, national security, media and education find it a unique source of insight into the economic trends that push policy.

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Robert Hardy is the principal writer of our publications and alerts. He has 25 years experience in Global equity, currency, futures trading and market making.

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